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updated March 25, 2014

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Below is some basic information about us

Hi! We are Virginia and David Garrett of Newport, the county seat of Cocke County , Tennessee. The picture of us at left was taken at East Tennessee Coffee Company in February 2014 by friend and professional photographer George Cordero. We are there pretty much every Friday night to do a little karaoke and a lot of dancing. (Actually it's the middle stop of our usual Friday night dancing tour.)

Dancing and weddings seem to be about the only time we are too happy to be self-conscious and take decent pictures - but since we have had three big family weddings since 2006 and spend a lot of time dancing since 2007, there are probably more good pictures of us around than there ever were before. You can check them out in the Galleries portion of this website.

As you can tell from the picture we still enjoy each others' company after being married for over 42 years.

We have a lot of friends in scattered places around the USA and beyond, and this home page is one of our ways of staying in touch. Think of it as a frequently updated year round Christmas newsletter.

The picture at right was taken just a few miles from our home by daughter Arwen some years ago. We hope it helps explain why, though we are not from this area originally, we were (and are) happy to stay here since we moved here in 1978.

We love our children (two are homegrown, and one we claim as our "French daughter!"). Click here to learn more about Geoffrey Garrett, Arwen Garrett Wagers, and Emilie Marceau Colpart. They are all grown, married, self supporting and happy. Three for three is pretty good.

Virginia worked at the Cocke County office of the Tennessee Department of Human Services here in Newport from 1984 through 2004, and is now a supervisor at the DHS Regional Call Center in Morristown. For 16 seasons Virginia also worked a second job at DollyWood , a local theme park.

Virginia also loves working in the yard when she can, and has filled it with flowers in the spring and summer. Our special pride and joy is the variety of daylilies. We are both also major "backyard birders". To see some of the results of our work, check out our family's house and yard page .

Virginia and David are both 1969 graduates of Messick High School, a historic high school in Memphis which was closed in 1980 and demolished in 1982. There are still a lot of old Messick alumni around though. David is the webmaster of Still On The Prowl, the Messick Class of 1969 website.

Virginia and David are also both 1973 graduates of Rhodes College , which was known as Southwestern at Memphis while we were there; click on its link to check out our alma mater, one of the nation's best small liberal arts institutions. We are excited that our daughter followed in our footsteps at Rhodes in 1999 and graduated in 2003 - the fifth person in our family to get a Bachelor of Arts degree there. (Virginia's two sisters are also alumni).

We also enjoy birdwatching - we've turned our backyard into a mini bird sanctuary - , good music of (almost) all sorts, and good movies!

We're not much on sports, but we've always enjoyed the University of Tennessee Lady Vols . For the eighth season now we have had season tickets; really good ones too, on the tenth row right behind the visitors' bench. Not only do we enjoy ourselves immensely, but the team obviously really likes us being there, since they went on to win their seventh and eighth national championships. The 2008-2009 season was more difficult with a team of freshmen, but we have loved watching them develop as a team.

One thing that most people find quite odd about us - we have not had TV service in the house since 1999. Obviously we have a TV since we watch a lot of movies. We aren't diehards, we just don't get anything from TV that would justify the expense. We discontinued the service when we realized we hadn't even watched it in more than 6 months.

David graduated in 1977 from the School of Theology at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. Since 1978 he has served as (first vicar, then) rector at Episcopal Church of the Annunciation here in Newport, where we are all active members, and is active in the community.

After years as a runner and participating in road races, David is now an active walker who walks about 20 miles weekly. He also enjoys photography and often enters local and regional photography contests. A sampling of his photos can be seen in the Galleries part of the website.

Virginia takes part in a local Middle Eastern folk dance troupe, and in 2007 we took up ballroom dancing, and greatly enjoy it! We are members of the East Tennessee Ballroom Dance Club in Knoxville and make their dances as often as we can. At this point we are so hooked on dancing together we simply seek out opportunities to do so whenever and however we can! We are better at the Latin dances than the "smooth" dances like foxtrot, though we do a pretty decent waltz & swing. We usually have a private lesson & a public lesson weekly, and go out dancing at least once (sometimes twice) a week.

Animals of all sorts have always been part of our lives; dogs (especially greyhounds), cats (lots), fish (lots), gerbils, birds, turtles; we're just not happy unless other species are around us, even though they're a lot of hassle! Check out our many "critter pages" on the site menu.

Thanks for visiting our home page. Come back again for updates on news and new links!

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